iMCC New Improvements

iMCC mechanism is now available in aluminum or stainless steel and features a new crank selector system and a new handle with an increased level of security. Operators can now operate the selector and the handle with security gloves. The housing can also be locked and secured in various ways; one by moving the crank selector to the LOCK position, which decouples the system mechanically AND electrically. It is also possible to open the breakers and lock the doors. Furthermore, a worm gear blocks the exit shaft to assure maximum security.

Stay tuned; a new transmission providing higher speed will be launched very soon!

Also coming up soon, a map showing all the countries where EHT International is represented. From Europe, to Australia, to Philippines, to India to the USA, EHT increases its presence to meet strong demand for the iMCC worldwide.

Finally, new environmental testing in salty air has also been performed with the new mechanical components and the results are very satisfying! EHT is working hard to provide a motor operating mechanism that will become the #1 choice for salty air environments worldwide.