EHT International – About Us

EHT International was established in 2004 with a mandate to develop an improved controller for motorized cabinets used by disconnect switches.  The first Intelligent Control Operation Disconnect ICOD prototype was tested in 2006 by Hydro Quebec, the largest electric utility in Canada.  The ICOD was tested on a 765kV disconnect.  Testing was completed by Hydro Quebec experts and a full report was submitted by Hydro Quebec.

During the testing at Hydro Quebec this early version of ICOD provided an improved control of the operation of the disconnect.  And with its variable speed control ICOD reduced the arc time.  By reducing the arc time exposure to harmful harmonics is reduced thus increasing the life of the adjacent equipment.

Testing on an installed disconnect confirmed the need for a motorized control cabinet that included ICOD, therefore development team was formed to build a completed monitoring solution for disconnect switches which would be housed in a motorized cabinet manufactured by EHT.  In 2009 the company was proud to offer a commercial version of iCOD for high voltage networks worldwide.

Recent history :

  • In October 2009, the United States Patent Office issued a Notice of Allowance for EHT’s key patent.
  • In November of 2010 Patrick Lalonge was nominated President.
  • In March of 2011 EHT moved to a new location in Boucherville Quebec as more space was needed for production, R&D and sales.
  • July 2011 William Morse was nominated Vice President Sales and Marketing.
  • In October 2011 the United States Patent Office issued a Notice of Allowance for EHT’s second patent.

Business Strengths

EHT International is distinguished by its innovation, expertise and competence. Our talented people have the ability to find unique solutions for electric utilities with the objective to improve their operations and equipment’s return on investment.

Our business group has gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the high voltage field, in particular, in the areas of equipment monitoring and disconnect switch controls.

In addition to our technical expertise, we offer services in English and French.


Our competitive advantage lies in our capability to identify niches neglected by big industry players, and to develop innovative solutions which allow our customers to realize considerable savings by improving their operating efficiency.

The ICOD motorized control is but one example. In electrical substations, many types of equipment have not been upgraded for more than 30 years. Consequently, upgrades which improve operating efficiency present real advantages for utilities.

Values & Beliefs

Innovation is the cornerstone for our business to achieve success. Our top management believes the key for success is to innovate by creating better products and giving better services than others in the industry. The achievement of technological progress is realized by motivated people proud to contribute concretely to our business growth and development.

In addition, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is a key factor in our business. Therefore, integrity, customer service, respect and reliability are values to which each and everyone must adhere.


Patrick Lalongé, President

Mr. Lalongé is an electrical engineer graduated from École de Technologie Supérieure of Montréal (University of Québec) with 12 years of experience in senior management. He is specialized in power electronics and has in-depth knowledge in computer science… read more

William Morse, Vice President Sales and Marketing

A graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Mr. Morse has been in the electrical industry worldwide for more than 25 years. He has extensive experience in international sales, business development, marketing and branding…. read more

Tom Kaneb, Chairman of the board

Mr. Kaneb formally joined Miralta in 1999 after selling Universal Terminals, a fuel oil distribution business, to a multinational oil company. Prior to that, he had a long relationship with Miralta as a co-investor for some 20 years… read more

James McDonald, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. McDonald has over 20 years of experience in building technology Companies, following a successful initial career in investment banking. He has directed and managed all aspects of business development, finance, administration, strategic planning and raising equity from start up through to publicly-listed companies on the TSX and NASDAQ… read more