IMCC Smart Motor Mechanism – Ordering Guide

The IMCC smart motor operator can operate any type of air break disconnect switches from 13.8kV and up in any type of environment. Our robust and universal designed smart motor operator can be installed in extremely cold winters, salty air, very humid or extremely dry and dusty environment, or a mix of all this. EHT has replaced all types of motor operators, manual motor mechanisms, motorized motor mechanisms in various ratios of multi-turn, and in single-turn in the cold winter of Canada, the dry and warm summer of Texas and India, dusty rail roads carrying coal or humid and salty environments of Florida and the Philippines.

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Ordering Process

  • Download and fill the below technical questionnaire for the disconnect switch to be replaced

    Documentation and Support - IMCC Technical Questionnaire April 2015 IMCC Technical Questionnaire

  • Try to provide all the information requested and don’t hesitate to put together a package of documents including the questionnaires, pictures, diagrams and manuals of your old motor operator and disconnect switch. The more information we get, the better is our analysis.
  • Zip your package and send it to EHT sales. Specify the number of IMCC motor operators you plan on purchasing. Volume discounts are available from 10 units.
  • EHT will analyze the technical information provided in the technical questionnaire and send a quote within 48 hours. We will notify you of any additional delays.
  • Upon interest to purchase, send a Purchase Order by email or fax at 1-450-641-1516
  • Upon receipt of the PO, a project manager will be assigned to your project to ensure success of the project and satisfaction.
  • Lead time is provided in the quote and may vary between 6 to 18 weeks
  • Shipping varies from one country to the other. North America territory is usually less than a week
  • Customer is in charge of removing the old MOD, mounting the IMCC motor mechanism and coupling it to the drive shaft
  • An EHT representative will come on site at the time of installation to supervise, configure and give training.

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